What is “Too Much” Fat on a ketogenic diet?

start a question for you what is too much fat on a ketogenic diet this comesup over and over and over again like howmuch Factor I need to consume in theirmind 75% of your calories need to be fatis a tremendous amount of fat andthey’re a little bit freaked out becausethey don’t want to die of a heart attackor a clogged artery so let’s just kindof cover that so we need to create abalance of just the right amount of fatversus too much fat okay if you havehypoglycemia if you have low bloodsugars you’re gonna need more fatbecause your your main problem is youcan’t go from one meal to the nextwithout being very hungry so if there’sa blood sugar issue it’s gonna take morefat because we want to add enough fat togo from one meal to the next if you’reeating too much fat what’s gonna happenit’s gonna overload the liver andgallbladder and the pancreas because seethe gallbladder breaks down the fat intoa small these small particles but thepancreas releases an enzyme calledlipase which takes it from that smallparticle down into the smallest particleso if you’re have a blood sugar issueand your pancreas is exhausted or you’rediabetic you’re not going to be able toproduce as many enzymes therebystressing the body so when you have toomuch fat you’re gonna feel more bloatednauseous you’re gonna have more rightfull sensation on over the gallbladderon the right side through here it’sgonna stem up to the right shoulderblade through here to the neck headachemaybe the eye and might even createtension you up your neck word causespain on the right arm I’ve seen that aswell so in the beginning you’re gonnaneed a little bit more fat because youhaven’t fully adapted the switch betweensugar burning and fat burning isn’tclean enough now when you do this over along period of time you’re going toswitch very easily to fat burning sugarburning back and forth so the need forfat is going to be less and less buthere’s the thing if you have too muchfat the fat that you’re burning that’scoming out through ketones in your urinecould be the dietary fat not necessarilyyour own fat so even though you’re inketosisyou’re not losing weightbecause you’re burning mostly theirdietary fat and not your own fat but ifyou keep doing it and you keep adjustingthe fat to the sweet spot where you cango from one meal to the next comfortablyand not overdo it with the fatsyou’ll start tapping it into the fat onyour body and this dietary fat won’t bean issue it won’t interfere with yourability to really get into a fullketosis where you’re burning off yourfat and one last mistake that a lot ofpeople make when there’s when you startketosis is they they don’t do in aminute fasting they will have this ideathey can have unlimited fat so they makethese little cookies out of the fat likecalled keto bombs and they’re justpicking out on these things in betweenthe meals at the meals at night andthey’re wondering it’s not working I’mnot losing weight so that’s just becausethey’re fat they’re burning is thedietary fat and at their own fat so youwant to combine in a minute fasting withthe ketosis not go crazy with the fatsbut have enough to get you from one mealto the next and if you have blood sugarsyou can need a little bit more but asyou do this over time it’ll be easierand you can cut down in some of the fatsand you’ll feel comfortable and youwon’t be hungry and you’ll lose weightall right thanks for watchinghey thank you so much for watching keepspreading the word and share this video

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